• Number of the Week: 1,3%

    Gif: Karolina Uskakovych, European Focus.
    Gif: Karolina Uskakovych, European Focus.

    According to the latest polls, only 1.3% of Estonian voters support the Green Party. A political party in Estonia needs a threshold of 5% to enter parliament, so it is unlikely that the Greens will be represented in parliament in the next elections in March 2023.

    Many commentators attribute this low rating to the party’s lack of a comprehensive political program that includes issues other than those concerning the environment. This is backed up by another survey, which states that 71% of Estonians would like to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, but financial restraints and current laws do not support such a change.

    With such a self-image, it is surprising to see concern about the environment not translating into political support. Is it something the Green Party alone can fix or should Estonians take a hard look in the mirror?

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    Gif: Karolina Uskakovych, European Focus.
    Number of the Week: 1,3%
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