• Spain’s water dilemma

    Spain, face to face with the suffocating summers of the future: ‘Tourists may prefer to stay at home’ is the title of a recent article in El Periódico de España. As global warming increases, Spain will be one of the worst affected countries in Europe. The crisis will not only be ecological, but also economic, affecting the two main sources of GDP: agriculture and tourism.

    That’s what Twitter user @lalalia is asking: “When will tourists stop coming to Spain because it is 397,539,548 degrees in the summer? Will there be water for everyone?”

    The reservoirs in Andalusia (the south, the breadbasket of Spain and the most touristic area) are already suffering from drought. We have to decide: Do we use the water for the tourists, the agriculture or for our own Spanish citizens?

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    Spain's water dilemma
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