• Romania looks Stateside for nuclear future

    Designed in 1978, and operational since 1996, Romania’s only nuclear power plant in Cernavoda. Photo: Nuclearelectrica/Facebook.

    ”Romania can become an exporter of energy solutions to Moldova and regionally on a larger scale. If Romania manages to take all the steps and comply with authorisation, safety and environmental impact procedures, it will be advantageous [to the region].

    Romania and the state company Nuclearelectrica did the right thing regarding [a new] project with the United States [in 2021] which aims to implement Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology [in Romania].”

    Eugenia Gusilov, director of the Romanian Energy Centre, ROEC

    Romania has ambitious plans to ensure its energy self-sufficiency and open further routes to export, with the help of nuclear power.
    The two reactors of the country’s only nuclear power plant in Cernavoda produce almost 20 percent of the country’s electricity, using Canadian technology. Romania plans to become a regional pioneer by implementing new nuclear technologies patented in partnership with the U.S., such as SMR reactors which can be moved and scaled up and down.

    The main target for electricity exports is the Republic of Moldova, which needs cheap and reliable electricity, so it can help escape from Russia’s strategy of energy blackmail.

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